Careers: Miska, hydro power specialist

Miska’s career path at Enerim began in the control room in the summer of 2018. The versatile job description of the control room work and related personal studies got Miska interested in Enerim as a summer employer. “I wanted to experience  things in practice, and the control room work gave me a real vantage point for different energy sectors. Wind power and renewable green energy can also be monitored in the control room.”

“For me sustainability is personally relevant, as renewables are important tools in the fight against climate change.”

After the summer job, Miska continued as a trainee and later became a permanent expert. Miska graduated with a master’s degree in energy and bioprocessing engineering in 2021. 

Today Miska works as Enerim’s hydropower specialist, where sustainability and renewable energy production are reflected in Miska’s job description. In his work, he designs and optimizes hydropower production for Enerim’s customers.

“For me sustainability is personally relevant, as renewable energy production is a considerable tool against climate change. While planning hydropower production, for example, I get to influence the hours in which hydropower is produced. I make estimates and optimise what would be the valuable peak consumption hours to which hydropower revenue should be directed.”