RESONANCE project develops solutions for flexibility

Enerim joins RESONANCE project to jointly develop solutions for harnessing flexibility from distributed and small-scale assets such as homes, buildings, and EV charging stations. The focus is on developing an innovative software framework that provides means for rapid development and plug-and-play deployment of standard-compliant Customer Energy Manager (CEM), Resource Manager (RM) and their aggregation solutions.

Within the project, Enerim will lead the flexibility aggregation and market integration solution, that would allow for an aggregator to aggregate the consumers’ potentials and offer the aggregated flexibility to DSOs and TSOs in the market. In the future, the solution can better enable flexibility services for DSOs and TSOs. Also, the solution could allow for energy community operators and other actors to aggregate and sell flexibility potential of the consumers in their community.

In RESONANCE project, Enerim focuses on

  • The data flow and interfaces between the aggregation tool, consumers and market.
  • The optimal bidding model that ensures the aggregated flexibility is offered to the market with the best price.
  • The value sharing mechanism which allocates the revenue (from selling the aggregated flexibility) between the consumers whose flexibility was aggregated.

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