Manage customer information more efficiently

Manage customer information in a smarter way, so your energy company can work more efficiently and offer better service for your customers. We offer systems and services for utilities that want to manage customer data in real time, and automate their core business processes from meter data to cash.

Automate processes from meter-to-cash

With the help of our comprehensive software solutions you can automate your business processes and concentrate on core activities and customer service. Our offering covers solutions for sales processes, market data exchange and customer service processes, and provides comprehensive interfaces for the complete use of customer data.

Manage customer information

Real-time data requires modern systems that open up new possibilities

Future electricity markets require ability to manage more and more real-time activities, which poses challenges for many energy companies, especially if legacy systems cannot process data efficiently. The situation may be unsustainable. At Enerim we have smart solutions to help you become future-ready. All our software solutions are cloud-based, scalable and flexible to market changes.

Cloud-based systems

Cloud-based systems and services are scalable based on your needs. You don't collect customer data on your own servers and you don't have to invest in rapidly outdated systems.

Real-time customer data

Real-time customer data and intelligent customer information management solutions help the company improve the customer experience and develop new products. When a customer asks about their electricity consumption and future bill, the answer is always near.

Flexible integration

In the development of our systems, special attention has been paid to integration between modules and integration with third-party systems. We offer comprehensive interfaces to system data and processes, as well as support for the use of external integration platforms.

Highly automated

Simpler processes and less manual routine work. Our system automates business processes, allowing you to focus on the core functions of your business.

SaaS solutions that prepare you for future energy markets

With our software solutions EnerimEDM and EnerimCIS, you can create efficient processes from meter to invoice.


EnerimCIS is a SaaS software developed specifically to support energy and utility companies’ customer management and billing related processes. EnerimCIS covers multiple utilities such as electricity sales and distribution, heating and cooling, water and sewage, steam, broadband, and other service businesses.


EnerimEDM is a SaaS software developed specifically to support energy and utility companies’ energy data management processes. EnerimEDM covers multiple utilities such as electricity sales and distribution, heating and cooling, water and sewage, and gas. EnerimEDM efficiently manages meter data storage, aggregation, validation, and distribution.


Göteborg Energi chose EnerimCIS

Göteborg Energi chose Enerim as the supplier of a new customer infromation system. The new agreement is a central pillar of Göteborg Energi's ambitious long-term digital strategy and will play a crucial role in the group's efforts to maintain its competitiveness.

Increase cost efficiency with automated processes

More and more information will be handled at an ever faster pace. Your energy company can handle this by automating as many processes as possible. Then you can focus on your core business, and invest in developing the market's best customer service.

Customer information and contract management

We offer a comprehensive and highly automated, cloud-based solution for managing customer data and contracts. Accurate and comprehensive customer information and contract management enables business process automation and smooth, multi-channel customer service. Plus, you avoid manual routine work!

Automated invoicing

The real-time invoicing process calculates invoices daily with hourly accuracy. With automated invoicing, less manual work is required, saving time and money. Real-time data enables cash flow optimization and better monitoring and reporting. As a customer, you get a real-time view of your business situation.

Automated claims management

Our claims management solution automates claims management and integrates to create reminders, notifications, and disconnection and reconnection requests. Information on customer payments is available immediately to support sales and customer service.

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