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Solutions for energy market operations and smart data flow

Excellent knowledge of energy markets is key to market success. We help our customers to operate on the energy markets by offering a wide selection of services and our proprietary EnerimEMS software. Our services include, for example, production and consumption forecasting, energy trading for our customers,  24/7 monitoring, balancing services, reporting and invoicing.

We are not an active market party and therefore we can ensure independent partnerships and confidence for our customers!

Minimise risks with high-quality forecasting services

As operating in the energy markets requires forecasting and optimisation, we offer our customers several different forecasting methods. High-quality, up-to-date estimates serve to keep operational risks under control and achieve the best possible results in different marketplaces.

Energy consumption forecasting and optimisation

We offer our customers several different forecasting methods, such as a neural network model based on machine-learning and linear weather-corrected models based on historical values.  High-quality, up-to-date estimates serve to keep operational risks under control and achieve the best possible results in different marketplaces.

Energy production forecasting and reporting

Production forecasting services include several different forecasting methodologies based on production methods. Our high-quality and up-to-date estimates serve to keep operational risks under control and achieve the best possible results in different marketplaces.

Energy market forecasting and reporting

The better the market development forecasts in the short and long term, the better decisions can be made. Predicting the future requires a good understanding of the present. It is possible to find causal connections that tend to repeat and form a basis for forecast models. We offer regular market reports (electricity and natural gas), and multiple price forecast and risk forecast models.

24/7 Monitoring and controlling

Our 24/7 monitoring and control services cover a wide selection of operations including monitoring and control of electricity grids, substations, and transformers. Our experienced control room staff is at your service 24/7.

Energy market services

Increased efficiency and flexibility on real-time energy markets

Efficient trading in different markets plays an essential role in the overall physical energy delivery chain. As various production sources and energy flexibility solutions become more common and the market is becoming more real-time, the importance of energy procurement and active trading will increase even more. While future functional electricity markets and power systems require more flexibility, flexibility markets will also allow for new possibilities for generating profits.

Energy procurement and trading

Our offering covers a versatile energy procurement model as well as trading services in all major marketplaces.

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Flexibility services and optimization

The growing volume of renewable energy production requires more flexibility from all parties in the electricity market.

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Ancillary services, reserve trading

The need for reserve trading will increase considerably in the coming years as the electricity system is renewed.

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Tools for aggregation and asset management

Market rules will allow new types of aggregation to combine suitable assets into portfolios, which can then be part of flexibility markets.

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Balance management 24/7

Balance risks can be reduced by actively monitoring the sales and production of electricity, updating forecasts, and taking other corrective actions.

Active balance management based on real-time measurements enables customer-specific, parameterized, real-time forecast correction and energy balance monitoring.

The customer benefits from our well-resourced and experienced 24/7 control room operating in areas such as UMM management, manual updating of production plans, and energy trading.

Energy market services
Energy market services



When Ilmatar decided to become a balance responsible party, they contacted Enerim for a service solution to support their operations. Previous good experiences encouraged Ilmatar to inquire about a possible cooperation model.

Enerim provides an outsourced service that combines an energy management system as well as a unique service model, that meets Ilmatar’s demands.

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Energy market services

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Energy market services

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