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Extensive metering services from meter to cash

The quality of meter data and its timely delivery are essential for the whole energy market. Our metering services provide a cost-efficient solution to manage metering data and related energy data management processes. The quality and reliability of our service is ensured by our energy market experts and our 24/7 automated software platform.

Smart metering services

Our modular metering solution enables a smart and flexible way to acquire metering services to the desired extent. There are already over 650 000 metering points in our AMM metering services.

Smart meter operations

Our metering services offer a smart solution for managing and monitoring meter data (electricity and gas markets and core utilities like district heating, cooling, and water). We deliver meter data to required stakeholders in a validated and timely manner.

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Metering projects

Our extensive experience in managing metering processes creates a strong base for project deliveries. We offer services for meter procurement, installation, and meter reading as a turn-key project or as separate service units.

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A comprehensive and modular service concept for metering services

The EMMA concept is our comprehensive service package for collecting, managing and delivering measurement data from electricity, district heating, water and gas distribution network companies.

The service package is a modular solution. As a customer you can purchase measurement services and measurement data quality management services from Enerim but handle the energy data management services required by datahub yourself if you want. In addition, a previously acquired service package can be supplemented at a later stage, with for example datahub services, energy information management services and analytics services.

Energy metering services

Meter data management services

Meter data management services ensure the quality of metering data for different stakeholders. There are already over 900 000 point of deliveries (PODs) in our meter data quality services.

Meter data quality services

Our meter data quality service corrects and completes uncertain or missing metering data and ensures the correctness and quality of metering data for different stakeholders.

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Meter data management for industrial customers

We offer comprehensive service from meter readings to meter data management and balance settlement, as well as related energy management processes.

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Project deliveries and market changes

The changing energy market generates new requirements for managing meter data. We help our customers in various market-related change projects.

Datahub services

Datahub services support market parties with datahub-related obligations. There are already over 900 000 PODs in our datahub services for grid operators and over 700 000 PODs in our datahub services for suppliers.

Datahub services for grid operators

For grid operators we offer services for controlling meter data management processes (DH-200) and balance settlement processes (DH-500).


The service includes the maintenance of our customers’ structural data in datahub. We also perform the definitions and monitoring for the necessary calculations for sub metering et cetera in our metering data management system.

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Datahub services for suppliers

Retailers must ensure that invoicing data and balance settlement data are equal. Our meter data management service takes care of this on behalf of the supplier.


We receive the metering data from datahub or other operators for the deliveries under the retailer’s supply. Received data is compared with the official balance settlement data to verify the validity of the metering data.

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Energy metering services


Longlasting co-operation with Kymenlaakson Sähköverkko

Enerim is an important and long-term partner for Kymenlaakson Sähköverkko while cooperation has continued for 12 years. Over the years, the service offering has been developed and expanded, and currently Enerim handles all metering related processes. Enerim takes care of meter logistics, installation, and maintenance, as well as remote reading and data management.