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Highly automated customer information system for energy and utility companies

EnerimCIS is a cloud-based SaaS software developed particularly to support energy and utility companies’ customer management and billing processes. EnerimCIS covers multiple utilities such as electricity sales and distribution, heating and cooling, water and sewage, gas, broadband, and other service businesses.

#1 choice in customer information systems among Finnish distribution networks

Optimize cash flow while having real-time visibility and control of your business

EnerimCIS provides an extremely high level of process automation to reduce the amount of manual work. Our real-time invoicing engine calculates invoices every day on an hourly basis. Core processes like contract and billing processes are automated to the highest possible extent. Real-time invoicing data enables cash flow optimization and better monitoring and reporting. You will have full visibility and control of your business in real-time.


Modular and cloud-based customer information system

EnerimCIS is a modular software, so it can be deployed to best match the relevant scope for an individual company. It’s suitable for companies of all sizes as it adjusts to growing business and volumes. Modularity allows you to react to market changes and thus increases competitiveness.

Easy to implement and use

EnerimCIS is delivered as a cloud service and has a modern user interface accessed through a web browser.

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High security

EnerimCIS comes with high information security and meets all relevant industry standards.

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Easy integration

EnerimCIS is based on a modern, modular SOA-architecture and therefore it's easy to implement and integrated to existing systems.

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Highly automated

EnerimCIS provides an extremely high level of process automation to reduce the amount of manual work needed.

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EnerimCIS covers core business processes

  • Customer management
  • Product management
  • Contract management
  • Consumption and micro production
  • Connections management
  • Devices and work orders
  • Invoicing
  • Claims management and collection
  • Work queues
  • Reporting
  • Archiving

Why EnerimCIS?

Designed for energy industry processes
Real-time and high automation level
Datahub compliant
Adaptive architecture and modular system


EnerimCIS and datahub

With Finnish datahub, the electricity market moved closer to a real-time service environment. With EnerimCIS, information related to customer data and contract and billing processes is up-to-date and available as soon as it’s uploaded to the datahub. 

The amount of data in the electricity market is increasing. However, the need to intervene in background processes decreases, thanks to EnerimCIS. As a customer, you can focus on the needs of your end customers. More data also offers plenty of new opportunities for services development.

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