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Efficiency with cloud-based energy data management

EnerimEDM is a cloud-based software that supports energy and utility companies’ energy data management processes. It covers the operative processes for electricity sales and distribution, heating and cooling, water and sewage and gas. EnerimEDM efficiently manages meter data storage, aggregation, validation, and distribution.

EnerimEDM is a future-proof solution for managing extensive masses of meter data

Automatic and remote meter reading (AMR) has increased the amount of meter data dramatically – and will continue to do so in the future when a 15-minute metering interval will be used for market and balancing operations.

Easy to use

EnerimEDM is delivered as a cloud service and used through a SmartClient UI or a web browser, without a need for separate software installations. Its preconfigured, automatic energy market processes ease up daily work for users.


EnerimEDM comes with high information security and meets all relevant industry standards. User rights management ensures that users only see what they are permitted to see and can use only appropriate functions.


Easy to integrate

Modern architecture design enables fluent end-to-end business processes. Open APIs and flexible data exchange enable easy integration to markets and third-party systems. EnerimEDM is integrated to common customer information and meter reading systems.

EnerimEDM is flexible, supporting

  • All types of meter data (electricity, heating, cooling, water, gas)
  • Multi-company structures
  • Service company structures
  • 3rd party integration platforms
  • Future market model changes such as datahubs and 15-minute balancing.

EnerimEDM supports energy data management processes

  • Scalable cloud-based storage
  • 15-minute metering and imbalance settlement
  • Continuous aggregates
  • User-defined calculations
  • Reporting
  • Comprehensive data model and interfaces
  • Metering data validation, estimation and editing (VEE)
  • Connectivity options
    • Finnish Datahub and Gas Datahub
    • Danish and Norwegian datahubs for suppliers
    • eSett
    • Third parties / MSCONS
    • End user portals
    • Customer information systems
    • Energy procurement systems

Why EnerimEDM?

Easy to use
Safe to operate
Easy to integrate

Want to know more?

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