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Efficient, cloud-based energy management system

EnerimEMS is specifically designed to manage energy market processes. It supports real-time operations, several time dimensions and transferring data between different time dimensions. EnerimEMS is delivered as a cloud service and it is used through a web browser, with no need for software installations.

Flexible solution for managing energy market processes

EnerimEMS energy management system is easy and flexible considering integration, maintenance and daily operations. 


EnerimEMS comes with high information security and meets all relevant industry standards. User rights management ensures that users only see what they are permitted to see and can use only the functions appropriate.

Easy to integrate

EnerimEMS is based on a modern architecture design, enabling fluent end-to-end business processes. Its open APIs and flexible data exchange enable easy integration to markets and third-party systems.


EnerimEMS includes a generic and parameterizable data model for energy markets. The data model is used as a basis for applications such as calculations, reporting, and control room capabilities. Common energy market functionalities can be extended using third-party applications.

EnerimEMS supports central energy market processes

  • Consumption and production forecasts
  • Balance management (24/7)
  • Trading, day-ahead, intraday, and natural gas aftermarket
  • BRP balance settlement
  • Natural gas balance settlement
  • Energy invoicing and reporting
  • Emission balance management



When Ilmatar decided to become a balance responsible party, they contacted Enerim for a service solution to support their operations. Previous good experiences encouraged Ilmatar to inquire about a possible cooperation model.

Enerim provides an outsourced service that combines an energy management system as well as a unique service model, that meets Ilmatar’s demands.

Why EnerimEMS?

Safe to use
Easy to integrate
Flexible to operate

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