Power grid

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What we do

We enable efficient operation for our customers in electricity, gas and water to secure exceptional end-customer experience with minimised operational expenses. Our wide portfolio of services cover the value chains from meter to cash and technical network monitoring to maximise network reliability and well planned network investments. Maximum information security is ensured in all our services.

Software and services

Our AMM Metering service is a complete solution to manage metering data for your needs. We deliver metering data reliably at regular times and in agreed formats. The quality and reliability of our service is provided by our modern, automated software platform and our experts working 24/7. Our service supports various meter brands and offers the most cost-efficient and technically suitable solution for each particular use case. We can take over your present meter base and manage large-scale renewal projects. The AMM Metering service can be integrated to your present processes. There are already over 640 000 metering points in our AMM metering services.

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