Energy services and flexibility providers

What we do

Energy services and flexibility providers need to create easy to buy and use services for their customers. Services that enable energy efficiency, the emergence of energy communities, and flexibility earnings need a robust back-end platform to connect to various physical assets and energy markets. We provide a complete software and services portfolio to simplify the complexity of different energy marketplaces, connections and data collection from physical assets, as well as sharing assets or market positions between energy community members. We operate on external markets on your behalf and provide you with expertise, 24/7 resources, and a scalable, automated operational environment in the cloud. You can maximize value while meeting internal community goals for asset sharing and environmental targets at the same time.

Software and services

Increasing amount of renewable energy production demands more flexibility from all market parties in order to have functional electricity markets and power system also in the future. This means that more flexibility is needed from consumption side, but also that flexibility markets will bring market operators new possibilities to generate profits from flexibility services for TSOs. We operate in each of the existing flexibility market place and as our partner, you ensure that the newest means of capitalising on energy flexibility are always readily available to your company