Enerim workshop

About us

Enerim enables smart energy flow between customers, businesses, and energy infrastructure.

We provide cloud-based services and systems that simplify energy market processes for our customers. Our heritage is in creating and running energy market process-oriented services and developing efficient and scalable software for the evolving processes of the energy market.

We started our journey as a service unit inside one of the largest generation companies in the Nordic region, and grew organically as the liberalized energy market came to fruition in the last decades. Along the way we added software development capabilities that enabled us to develop the #1 choice in customer information systems among Finnish distribution networks - and will enable us to tackle even the hardest challenges of the future energy ecosystem together with our customers.

Success through working together

In our mind, success comes from helping our customers achieve more sustainable energy footprints and capitalize on intelligent use of market opportunities. We contribute our deep expertise to energy domain customers such as networks, industrial customers, energy suppliers, exchanges and producers of energy.

We operate a family of services and platforms that allow our customers to get the solution they need based on their particular energy challenge. Enerim is never a market party, ensuring total confidence for our customers to reap the benefits of the evolving energy markets in full.

Join us in making the future of energy work for you in our common quest to enable a sustainable future for us all.