Increase efficiency with a highly automated customer information system

As a customer working with district heating and cooling, you need to guarantee a seamless supply, while ensuring that your business is cost-effective. Our solutions automate business-specific business processes that enable improved operational efficiency and cost-efficiency.

Popular customer information system among district heating companies

At Enerim, we have a long track record of working with district heating. With a market share of 60 %, our EnerimCIS system is a top choice for district heating operations in Finland. Our systems have been developed over time according to customer needs and market regulation.

cis for district heating

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cis for district heating

Top choice for district heating

EnerimCIS’s is the market-leading CIS system in Finland among district heating providers.

cis for district heating

Improved cost-efficiency with automation

EnerimCIS is developed with flexibility and efficiency in mind and provides a high level of process automation to reduce the amount of manual work.

cis for district heating

APIs and modularity ensure easy integration

The system is based on a modular SOA architecture. In addition, our APIs enable easy integration to any third-party systems.

cis for district heating

High information security

We’re committed to the highest information security standards to manage our customers’ security assets. Our ISMS meets the ISO27001:2013 standard.

Improve performance with process automation

EnerimCIS provides a high level of process automation to reduce the amount of manual work and minimize errors. Core processes are automated to the highest possible extent, providing users with pre-configured process flows that support their daily work, making work higher quality, more efficient and more meaningful.

Automation provides faster cash flow management through minimum invoicing delay. Also, automation enables cost-effective operations and minimizes the need for human resources while allowing efficient scaling of business operations.

cis for district heating
cis for district heating


Interfaces to other systems in the industry

Our solutions have managed APIs that enable easy integration to any third-party systems, covering the communication needs of the energy sector for years to come.

"The resourcing and progress of the SaaS project has been excellent!"

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