Responsibility at the core of our operations

For us, responsibility implies both superior governance and responsibility to develop our operations to match sustainable future requirements. Megatrends such as the energy transition, sustainable development and cybersecurity are all critical to our daily operations.

In the future, energy systems must be more flexible, driving demand for smart data management solutions. Software & ICT Services can positively contribute to the clean energy transition through the provision of high-quality data management and software solutions.

ESG at Enerim

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Enerim as a company is committed to minimising the environmental impact of our operations. Our environmental management system is certified according to ISO 14001.

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We’re committed to continuously improving employee engagement, wellbeing, and inclusivity to secure a future-proof team. We develop and monitor our health and safety performance based on ISO 45001 standards

In our ESG work we’re also highlighting customer satisfaction by ensuring system quality.

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As a company we’re committed to excellence and purposeful organisational development. ISO 9001 standard is our tool for developing our business, processes, and management.

We’re also committed to developing the highest information security standards based on ISO27001:2013 certification.

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ESG work

Key commitments

As a company we are committed to purposeful organisational development. Our commitments support our aim to ensure profitable, future-proof business that’s made possible by a future-proof team and sustainable business practices.

Material themes

The material themes are the central building blocks of our ESG work. For each material theme we have identified annual roadmaps and we track the progress of each theme regularly.

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Carbon footprint management

We identify, report, and aim to minimize our carbon emissions.

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Employee engagement & wellbeing

Retaining talent in a highly competitive industry.

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Diversity, equity & inclusion

Increasing awareness of DEI topics and leadership to create a more inclusive work community.

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Product quality

Ensuring high quality systems and customer satisfaction.

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Data security

Providing secure systems and adhering to regulation.

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ESG strategy integration

Establishing governance mechanisms to track ESG performance.

Building a low-carbon society

The ongoing energy transition enables a low-carbon society that builds on clean energy, reliable distribution networks and effective energy markets. Together with our customers and industry stakeholders we contribute to the future energy system through our systems.

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Software solutions contribute to the energy transition

Our systems lie at the core of overlapping megatrends such as, energy transition & electrification, digitalization, urbanization, and cybersecurity. Data plays a major role in making these a reality.

While data is needed for ensuring and managing the supply of energy, it’s more and more a tool for new services and products that rely on real-time consumption data. As consumers’ awareness increases, automation will play a large role in optimising electricity consumption, for example. Data and automation can therefore contribute to increased energy efficiency through more intelligent systems.


Committed to advancing sustainable development goals

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7 Affordable and clean energy

Our solutions support future energy system that’s characterized by digitalization, micro production, and increased amount of data.

With the help of our solutions, energy companies can offer modern services to conscious consumers.

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8 Decent work and economic growth

We provide a safe and healthy workplace in an industry that’s critical for sustainable economic growth.

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9 Industry, innovation, and infrastructure

Our solutions are at the core of energy infrastructure, contributing to efficient data transfer in the energy market.

Also, we are involved in research and development projects that shape the clean energy markets of tomorrow.

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12 Responsible consumption and production

Our solutions support the uptake of data-driven services that can shape consumers’ electricity tracking and use. As more data is available, new services for electricity optimization and automation is possible.

Environmental footprint

At our offices we strive towards green practices. As a service and software solution provider, our operational carbon emissions are mostly related to the electricity consumption of offices and data centres as well as business travel. Therefore, at our offices we mostly use 100 % renewable electricity and we have chosen a primary data centre service provider that has been granted international energy-efficiency certificates, sources 100% renewable energy and is carbon-neutral. We track our carbon footprint annually and strive to minimize carbon emissions.

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