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Reinvent your business with a customer information system designed especially for energy and utility companies

The dynamic energy market requires companies to be able to handle business processes in a flexible way. EnerimCIS is a cloud-based SaaS solution developed particularly to support energy and utility companies’ customer management and billing processes. Highly automated EnerimCIS enables superior customer service through increased efficiency and ease of use.

Customer service

Multi-channel customer service with EnerimCIS

Correct and comprehensive customer information and contract management are essential enablers for business process automation and proficient, multi-channel customer service. ​We offer a comprehensive, highly automated SaaS solution for customer and contract management. It’s designed to help energy companies automate their sales, customer service and invoicing, enabling modern, digital self-service channels. Our flexible solutions support both energy retail and DSO company business functions.


EnerimCIS serves the needs of energy companies

EnerimCIS is suitable for companies of all sizes as the system has a modular structure and an open interface, integrating with other systems that you use. It serves as a scalable platform that meets the needs of your specific business. No wonder EnerimCIS is the most popular customer information system for energy companies in Finland.


System compliance

Our systems are developed specifically to comply with energy industry regulations, standards, and market processes. Systems support industry data exchange, covering all energy market parties, like datahubs, operating in the Nordic countries, and support all standard message formats used in the energy market.


Modern and modular architecture

EnerimCIS is based on a modular SOA architecture. In addition to smooth integrations between modules within the system, our APIs enable easy integration to any third-party systems, such as ERP, CRM, mobile apps, or online platforms, and your existing ICT landscape.


High process automation

Our system automates business processes, allowing you to focus on the core functions of your business. A high automation level means less manual routine work for back-office operations, simpler and faster processes and possibility to benefit from self-service channels.


Real-time business management

Real-time customer data and intelligent customer information management solutions help you improve your customer experience and develop new products. Real-time data enables faster cashflow and provides full visibility and transparency to business operations.

System automation

Improve performance with process automation

EnerimCIS provides a high level of process automation to reduce the amount of manual work and minimize errors. Core processes are automated to the highest possible extent, providing users with pre-configured process flows that support their daily work, making work higher quality, more efficient and more meaningful.

EnerimCIS allows maximum utilization of self-service channels through automated processes and by providing interfaces to other systems used in the industry. For example, automated contract processes allow consumers to manage contracts in mobile self-service portals​.

Automation provides faster cash flow management through minimum invoicing delay. Also, automation enables cost-effective operations and minimizes the need for human resources while allowing efficient scaling of business operations.



Easy integration with managed APIs

In addition to smooth integrations between modules within EnerimCIS, our APIs enable easy integration to any third-party systems, including ERPs, CRMs, mobile or web applications or virtually any enterprise system.


Business processes that you can manage with EnerimCIS

EnerimCIS covers end-to-end business processes from meter to cash, allowing you to automate your business processes and concentrate on your core activities and customer service. Our offering provides solutions for sales processes, market data exchange and customer service processes, along with comprehensive interfaces for complete use of customer data.


Sales and customer service

Thanks to centralized management of customer information, you can be sure that the available information is up-to-date, thorough and available to anyone who needs it. That means more efficient and better customer service!


Product management

Flexible product management, versatile pricing and product components.


Contract management

Thanks to an automated workflow for all contracts, you can manage the entire contract lifecycle smoothly in our system. Products can be flexibly combined in the system that has flexible parameters for invoicing.



Our real-time invoicing engine calculates invoices every day on an hourly basis. With real-time billing data, you can also optimize cash flow and create accurate forecasts.

Energy data management

EnerimEDM complements your meter data to cash process

EnerimEDM, our energy data management system, provides complementary efficiency for customers who want to automate the full process from meter reading to cash. EnerimEDM provides tools for efficient utilization of energy information and managing large data volumes and interfaces.



Implementing EnerimCIS is reliable and straightforward

Since the first EnerimCIS deliveries in 2016, we have completed numerous multi-utility and multi-company implementations to replace other vendors’ solutions with EnerimCIS. This includes adding new customer masses to a live EnerimCIS system, datahub implementations and implementing CIS to a live datahub, for example.

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