Modular architecture and APIs make EnerimCIS easy to integrate

Today, all modern enterprise solutions must work together and allow data to flow seamlessly – and CIS is no exception. With our wide experience from the energy sector, we have built EnerimCIS to widely support 3rd party integrations through open APIs and a modular architecture.

Modular SOA architecture

All EnerimCIS system modules are independent, mutually integrated parts that utilize standard interfaces. The modular structure enables flexible system configurations and allows customers to buy only the components that they require.

EnerimCIS code allows for easy adaptation to new and existing systems, as well as changing market requirements. The development framework allows using several programming methods and server environments, including .NET, C#, HTML, JavaScript, WebUI and Windows and Linux servers.

enerimcis integration
enerimcis integration


Managed APIs for CRM and other enterprise systems

In addition to smooth integrations between modules in the EnerimCIS, our APIs enable easy integration to any third-party systems, including ERPs, CRMs, mobile or web applications or virtually any enterprise system.

Future-proof data exchange

While reliable data exchange is already essential in the energy market, the future will bring even more requirements for exchanging market data in real-time. EnerimCIS is ready for the job with APIs that enable easy integration to all current or future third-party systems. EnerimCIS supports industry-standard data formats, transfer practices, file transformations and datahub messaging through our EnerimIXS integration platform.

enerimcis integration

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    enerimcis integration

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    enerimcis integration

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