Implementing EnerimCIS is reliable and straightforward

Over the last few years, over 40 environments have been replaced with EnerimCIS. This has provided us with extensive experience from various legacy systems and how they can be efficiently and reliably upgraded to EnerimCIS. EnerimCIS is designed to be a standard solution and our customer-driven implementation model defines a clear plan on how to get EnerimCIS to your organization.

CIS replacements with zero rollbacks

Since the first EnerimCIS deliveries in 2016, we have completed numerous multi-utility and multi-company implementations to replace other vendors’ solutions with EnerimCIS. This includes adding new customer masses to a live EnerimCIS system, datahub implementations and implementing CIS to a live datahub, for example.

Based on our experience, we have created an efficient and reliable delivery model. The model defines the implementation steps, responsibilities and timelines, helping Enerim’s customers to plan their CIS upgrade accurately.

enerimcis implementation
enerimcis implementation

Standard solution

Invest in a standard solution that can be developed further

EnerimCIS is designed to be a standard solution that works out-of-the-box for most customers, getting the system up and running faster. EnerimCIS has already been proven to work well for energy sector companies, as it can be easily configured to even multi-utility environments.

Working together with our customers

In order to ensure our solutions meet our customers’ needs, we actively cooperate together with our customers, 3rd party organizations and other stakeholders in the energy sector. To promote continuous dialogue, we have set up an active development group with regular development activities.

enerimcis implementation

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Switch to a dynamic system that opens up new possibilities!

We invest in long-term customer relationships where we can develop system solutions and services for our customers. Feel free to contact us if you have questions, or book a demo and we will contact you to find a suitable time. During the demo, we show how you as a customer can get the most out of our systems and services.

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    enerimcis implementation

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    enerimcis implementation

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