A modern customer information system that boosts your business

EnerimCIS is a highly automated customer information system that helps energy retail companies improve their business processes and customer experience through digitalization. Real-time invoicing data enables cash flow optimization and better monitoring and reporting. With EnerimCIS, you get full visibility and control of your business in real-time.

Competitive edge with great customer experience

Our energy retail customers develop their competitiveness through efficient sales, good customer experience and differentiated products. EnerimCIS includes a flexible product management module that supports multi-product operations and pricing. Further, EnerimCIS comes with excellent API management that ensures flexible self-service channels, such as mobile apps.

customer information system for energy retail

EnerimCIS is praised for clarity and ease of use

customer information system for energy retail

High system automation

EnerimCIS provides a high level of process automation to reduce the amount of manual work. With EnerimCIS, you can automate the most important processes, including self-service contracts, invoicing, delivery, and electricity connection and disconnection.​

customer information system for energy retail

Flexible product structure

EnerimCIS system's product management module supports many kinds of pricing models and products. EnerimCIS comes with a fast and agile product creation workflow that allows significant time and cost savings.

customer information system for energy retail

Efficient task management

Task management is fully integrated into EnerimCIS​. Tasks, contacts and processes can be collected and all relevant tasks can be bundled to a single view.

customer information system for energy retail

User friendly and intuitive

EnerimCIS is equipped with a clear and adaptive user interface​. Efficient search functions with predictive selection lists​ allows easy navigation. Quick links ensure ease of use and efficient task management.

Flexible product structure allows a versatile product portfolio

EnerimCIS provides retail companies with flexible product and pricing structure capabilities. New consumer demands can be met with new business models and tailored product offerings. The system adapts to new business opportunities, such as micro production, solar panels, EV solutions and more.

customer information system for energy retail
customer information system for energy retail

Easy integration

Integrate with CRM and other enterprise systems

In addition to smooth integrations between modules within EnerimCIS, our APIs enable easy integration to any third-party systems, including ERPs, CRMs, mobile or web applications or virtually any enterprise system. The APIs enable data and content utilization between partners and various business lines, as well as 3rd parties​. The sales funnel has been designed and aligned also for enterprise level CRM and end-to-end processes.

"The user interface is clear and intelligently designed. A million times better than our previous system!"

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    customer information system for energy retail

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    customer information system for energy retail

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