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At Enerim, we help energy and utility companies to excel in ever-changing markets by digitalizing their business processes. Our SaaS systems enable our customers to fully utilize data to create new business for future energy markets.

Saas solutions

Modern systems open new possibilities

The energy market is developing at a furious pace. Real-time activities pose challenges for many energy companies, especially if legacy systems cannot process data efficiently. To cope with all the market changes, you need modern, reliable systems that fulfill industry standards and adapt to your needs. Enerim’s market-leading SaaS solutions help you develop your business processes through digitalization and system automation.

energy industry digitalization

Developed to support various utilities & multi-utility business

energy industry digitalization

Energy retail

Develop your competitiveness through efficient sales, outstanding customer experience and differentiated products. With the help of our highly automated solutions, you can work more efficiently and offer better service for your customers.

energy industry digitalization

Energy distribution, DSOs

Ensure cost-effective electricity supply combined with seamless customer experience. We offer automated solutions for contract management, meter data management, messaging, and real-time connectivity.

energy industry digitalization

District heating & cooling

Ensure cost-efficiency with automated processes that modern system automation can bring. Our systems support all processes related to district heating and cooling business.

energy industry digitalization

Other utilities, gas, water, fibre

Our systems are developed especially to meet the demands of gas, water and fibre companies' operations and business processes. Ensure cost-effective supply combined with seamless customer experience.

system automation

Automate your business from meter to cash

Our software solutions cover end-to-end business processes from meter to cash, allowing you to automate your business processes and concentrate on your core activities and customer service. Our offering provides solutions for sales processes, market data exchange and customer service processes, along with comprehensive interfaces for complete use of customer data.

energy industry digitalization
energy industry digitalization

Seamless data flow with modular architecture and managed APIs

Today, all modern enterprise solutions must work together and allow data to flow seamlessly –customer information systems are no exception. With our wide experience from the energy sector, we have built EnerimCIS to widely support 3rd party integrations through open APIs and a modular architecture.


Why our customers choose Enerim

energy industry digitalization

System compliance

Our systems are developed specifically to comply with energy industry regulations, standards, and market processes. Systems support industry data exchange, covering all energy market parties, like datahubs, operating in the Nordic countries, and support all standard message formats used in the energy market.

energy industry digitalization

Supports multi-utility business

Our integrated solutions are designed to serve various utilities and multi-utility businesses, such as electricity sales and distribution, heating and cooling, water and sewage, gas, steam, broadband, and other service businesses.

energy industry digitalization

Automation improves user experience

Our systems provide an extremely high level of process automation to reduce the amount of manual work needed and allow new automated self-service channels for end-customers. Core business processes are automated to the highest possible extent.

energy industry digitalization

High information security

We’re committed to the highest information security standards to manage our customers’ security assets. Our ISMS meets the ISO27001:2013 standard.

SaaS solutions that fit your needs

Our SaaS solutions help you in making your business future-ready. All our systems are highly automated, scalable, and flexible to market changes.


EnerimCIS is developed particularly to support energy and utility companies’ customer management and billing processes. EnerimCIS covers multiple utilities such as electricity sales and distribution, heating and cooling, water and sewage, gas, steam, broadband, and other service businesses.


EnerimEDM supports energy and utility companies’ energy data management processes. It covers the operative processes for electricity sales and distribution, heating and cooling, water and sewage and gas. EnerimEDM provides tools for efficient utilisation of energy information and managing large data volumes and interfaces.

Some of our customers

energy industry digitalization
energy industry digitalization
energy industry digitalization
energy industry digitalization
energy industry digitalization


Choose an experienced system supplier to guide you

At Enerim, we combine years of experience from the energy industry with top-class software expertise and smooth implementation of systems and services for energy and utility companies. We are happy to share our knowledge and act as advisors for our customers!

energy industry digitalization

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We invest in long-term customer relationships and develop system solutions and services tailored to the needs of the energy industry. Feel free to contact us if you have questions, or book a demo and we will contact you to find a suitable time. During the demo, we show how you as a customer can get the most out of our systems and services.