Customer Information System

EnerimCIS is a SaaS software developed by Enerim Oy, and made specifically to support energy and utility companies’ customer management and billing related processes. EnerimCIS covers multiple utilities such as electricity sales and distribution, heating and cooling, water and sewage, gas, steam, broadband, and other service businesses.

Features and benefits

EnerimCIS is delivered as a cloud service and has a modern user interface accessed through a web browser. Users can modify UI tiles to support their daily work in an optimal way. Pre-configured process flows guide daily tasks and make learning and working efficient.

EnerimCIS covers core processes such as

  • Customer management

  • Product management

  • Contract management

  • Consumption and micro production

  • Connections management

  • Devices and work orders

  • Invoicing

  • Claims management and collection

  • Work queues

  • Reporting

  • Archiving