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Contributing to a low-carbon society

The ongoing energy transition enables a low-carbon society that builds on clean energy, reliable distribution networks and effective energy markets. Together with our customers and industry stakeholders we contribute to the future energy system through our evolving services and systems.

As distributed renewable energy generation increases, energy systems have to be more flexible, driving demand for smart data management solutions. Energy system knowledge driven Software & ICT Services can positively contribute to the clean energy transition through the provision of high-quality data management and software solutions.



Environmental impact

Enerim as a company is committed to minimising the environmental impact of our operations. Our environmental management system is certified according to ISO 14001.

At our offices we strive towards green practices. As a service and software solution provider, our operational carbon emissions are mostly related to the electricity consumption of offices and data centers. Therefore, we have chosen a primary data storage provider that has been granted international energy-efficiency certificates, sources 100% renewable energy and is carbon-neutral.

Sustainable development

In our daily work, we are committed to advancing sustainable development. We have recognised five UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that are directly linked to our operations.

7 Affordable and clean energy – Our solutions contribute to the future energy system that builds on green energy.

8 Decent work and economic growth – We provide a safe and healthy workplace in an industry that’s critical for sustainable economic growth.

9 Industry, innovation, and infrastructure – Our solutions are at the core of energy infrastructure, contributing to more efficient energy market processes. Also, we are involved in several research and development projects that shape the clean energy markets of tomorrow.

12 Responsible consumption and production – We improve our customers’ efficiency through forecasting and optimization. Also, our solutions support the uptake of renewable energy generation.

13 Climate action – We contribute to a low-carbon society through our daily operations and smart solutions.