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A highly automated customer information system is the key to success

The energy market is dynamic and requires companies to be able to handle business processes in a flexible way. EnerimCIS is a cloud-based SaaS software developed particularly to support energy and utility companies’ customer management and billing processes. The system gives you more time to focus on your core business, and the ability to use real-time customer data to improve the customer experience in your business.

EnerimCIS is the top choice for energy companies in Finland

EnerimCIS is suitable for companies of all sizes as the system has a modular structure and an open interface, integrating with other systems that you use. It serves as a scalable platform that meets the needs of your specific business. No wonder EnerimCIS is the most popular customer information system for energy companies in Finland.


Automation enables a great user experience

EnerimCIS is developed with flexibility and efficiency in mind and provides a high level of process automation to reduce the amount of manual work. Users have pre-configured process flows that support their daily work, and core processes are automated, making work efficient.


Cloud-based system ensures flexibility

EnerimCIS is delivered as a cloud service and has a modern user interface that you access through a web browser. Thus, you do not have to install and maintain separate programs. You do not collect any data on your own servers and do not need to invest in systems that quickly become obsolete.


Certified information security for our customers’ safety

We invest in information security to protect our customers' critical information. EnerimCIS comes with high information security and meets all relevant industry standards. Enerim is certified according to ISO27001:2013 standards.


APIs and modularity ensure easy integration

The system is based on a modular SOA architecture. In addition to smooth integrations between modules in the system, our APIs enable easy integration to any third-party systems, like ERP, CRM, mobile apps, or online platforms, and customer’s existing ICT landscape.


Great user experience

More data means more opportunities

Although the amount of data exchanged on the electricity market is constantly growing, EnerimCIS user's need to intervene in background processes even less. As a customer, you can instead focus on fulfilling your customers' wishes. The increasing amount of data is a positive thing, as it gives you the opportunity to develop new services that add value to your customers.



We manage real-time energy data

One of the main advantage of EnerimCIS is that the system works in real time. Our real-time invoicing engine calculates invoices every day on an hourly basis. Real-time invoicing data enables cash flow optimization and better monitoring and reporting. You will have full visibility and control of your business in real-time.


Göteborg Energi chose EnerimCIS

Göteborg Energi chose Enerim as their supplier of customer information system. The new agreement is a central pillar of Göteborg Energi's ambitious long-term digital strategy and will play a crucial role in the Group's efforts to maintain its competitiveness. "Today we work in three separate systems, and with EnerimCIS we get the opportunity to start from one system no matter what we are going to do. This makes it easier for us to analyze customer needs, retrieve data and handle invoicing, among many other things," says the customer.


Ready for future energy markets

Enerim is an expert company that combines solid experience in the energy industry with top-class software expertise. We have an active role in the development of the energy sector, which gives us cutting-edge expertise and provides added value for our customers. At Enerim, we develop modern systems and services that make you ready for the energy market of the future.

Business processes that you can manage with EnerimCIS

EnerimCIS is a highly automated customer information system that we have developed especially for the electricity market. You can use it for customer information management, billing, and it support a variety of businesses such as electricity sales and distribution, heating and cooling, water and sewage, gas, broadband, and other service businesses.


Sales and customer service

Thanks to centralized management of customer information, you can be sure that the available information is up-to-date, thorough and available to anyone who needs it. That means more efficient and better customer service!


Product management

Flexible product management, versatile pricing and product components.


Contract management

Thanks to an automated workflow for all contracts, you can manage the entire contract lifecycle smoothly in our system. Products can be flexibly combined in the system that has flexible parameters for invoicing.



Our real-time invoicing engine calculates invoices every day on an hourly basis. With real-time billing data, you can also optimize cash flow and create accurate forecasts.

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