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Better risk management and efficiency 24/7

Our own control room provides a wide range of 24/7 services for energy market parties. Well-resourced and experienced control room professionals are at your service 24/7.

Our experienced control room personnel ensure high-quality monitoring and control services

Our control room operates a wide range of 24/7 operations of which energy market services is a major part. Operational since 1973, the control room offers both Expert Services and 24/7 Operating Services, serving customers in three languages: Finnish, Swedish, and English.

Monitoring and control services

Our monitoring and control services consist of operational services, like monitoring and operating of hydro, wind, and thermal power plants, including operating and control of equipment, startups, and shutdowns.

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Network management and control

Our monitoring and control services cover a wide range of operations that enable the monitoring and control of electricity grids, substations, and transformers.

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Field Communication Network Services

Our services cover all areas for building and maintaining a field communication network required for remote monitoring and operation of production plant or distribution network stations.

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24/7 Monitoring services

24/7 monitoring services

Example Control Room operations

  • Monitoring of wind farm substations.
  • Monitoring of the 20 - 400 kV electricity network and planning and management of operational interruptions.
  • Monitoring of communication connections, data transmission and information systems, as well as fault transmission.
  • Operational operation and control of hydropower plants and production optimization.
  • Real-time monitoring and management of electricity and natural gas balances and trading on exchanges.
  • Commercial optimization and utilization of production by regulating power plants and participating in the reserve and control markets, supported by our own market analysis.

Helping customers to operate on the energy markets

We help our customers to operate on the energy markets by offering a wide selection of services such as forecasting, energy trading, flexibility services and ancillary services.

24/7 Monitoring services
24/7 Monitoring services

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