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Data exchange for energy companies

In the energy market, data exchange is necessary and continuous. Our secure data exchange service provides the keys to efficient business.

More flexible data exchange

The future electricity market will require even more real-time actions, and there will be demand for more real-time communication from flexible resources.

Messaging and real-time connectivity

Our existing data connections cover all energy market parties and marketplaces operating in the Nordic countries, and we support all standard message formats used in the energy market. In real-time data connectivity, we support commonly used data transfer practices.

Real-time data exchange

Our services cover the communication needs of today’s flexibility marketplaces and will be kept up to date for years to come.

Benefits of our data exchange services

  • Reliability - 24/7 service and monitoring 
  • Security - encryption methods, traceability of data and transactions
  • Flexibility - conversions between file formats, data enrichment, validation and reporting 
  • Development - monitoring and development of market changes 
Data exchange for energy companies