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Industrial and commercial consumers

What we do

Industrial and commercial consumers must control their exposure to energy markets: Balancing of energy position, limiting risk exposure to volatile markets, and regulating power costs are essential to secure profit. We provide market operations software and services to control energy market exposure and manage energy balance in real time. As our customer, you have transparency to the markets, while our experts and automated systems work to create secure, predictable, and profitable results. We also enable you to provide energy to internal customers or your community of partners so you can share assets or market positions.

Software and services

Operating in the energy markets requires forecasting and optimizing the production of energy. We offer our customers multiple different forecasting methodologies, such as machine-learning neural network model and linear weather-corrected model based on historical values. High quality, up-to-date estimates serve to keep operational risks under control and achieve the best possible results from different marketplaces.

Our customers